With the interest of preservation in mind, we have developed a Registry and Society for the Barb Horse.

The Registry is strictly for the purpose of keeping track of bloodlines and, with the goal of keeping the breed pure, is closed with the exception of a temporary hardship clause.

There is no charge for registration or transfers. To register a horse from registered Barb parents the following must be submitted: colored pictures (front, back, and both sides showing all four legs, plus a full-facial close-up clearly showing the forehead whorl), registration number of sire and dam, birthdate of offspring, drawings of any markings not clearly shown on photographs. All horses may be subject to DNA testing.

The Society is for the purpose of promoting and using the Barb horse. All activities and events involve performance, with the intent of showing what the horse can do. There are no halter classes, or similar subjective events.

Society membership is based on the ownership of horses registered in the Barb Registry. There is also an Associate Membership available for persons interested in helping the society’s endeavor. There are no initiation fees or dues, and publications for both the Society and the Registry are sold at cost. Operating costs, i.e. ad’s in magazines, office supplies, postage, etc., are by donation. The accounting books of the Society and the Registry are open at any time to any member of the Society. Any inquiries for horses sent in to the Society or Registry will be referred to any member who have horses for sale, if the member provides self addressed, stamped envelopes, for said referrals. All society members are subject to all by-laws and rules of the Society and Registry